“Speed Control first appeared on our horizon as an energetic and passionate group of young guys offering one of the best summer rock camp experiences out there at Stratford Ontario’s Summer Music Festival in the summer of 2012,” shares Rob Barg, Senior VP of Yamaha Canada Music. “With Yamaha’s highly respected Music Education System and our over 40 year experience with teaching in our own programs, we saw the connection they had with the kids and what they were able to accomplish with them in just one week, it was remarkable.”

“Following the summer camp experience we became more aware of their touring activities and school shows across the country and saw real value in being connected musically and philosophically with such talented and engaging artists” says General Manager of Sales and Marketing Steve Butterworth. Butterworth continues: “I’ve known or known-of Graeme since his University of Toronto Jazz Studies days and was glad to reconnect with him and the band. We discussed it internally with our Product Marketing and Artist Relations Managers and quickly came to the conclusion that we needed to be affiliated with Speed Control to help popularize music making, especially at the elementary level. They will be “Rawking” out with Yamaha Guitars, Basses, Drums and PA Gear on their next tours and we look forward to supporting and collaborating with them on their summer School of Rawk Camps.”

Rob Barg, Senior VP and Steve Butterworth, General Manager, Yamaha Canada Music

Speed Control was a highlight at the OSAC Showcase in October 2011 and will have a multi show tour with OSAC in the 2012/2013 season as a result. Our Arts Councils saw the enthusiasm and humour the guys brought to the stage and saw how that could work in their own communities in developing and expanding audiences. We look forward to working with them in the months to come.

Kevin Korchinski, Executive Director

Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils

Every high school student will forever remember the rock legends, Speed Control, as their favorite cultural assembly ever!!
Student at Kelowna Secondary School

U GUYS WERE AMAZING!!! I actually didn’t mind missing math for that. Lol 🙂 keep up your awesomeness!! 🙂

Student at Mount Bourcherie Secondary, Kelowna BC

This was the best show we’ve had in our school since I’ve been here.

Vice Principal of O.K. Middle School, Kelowna School District

Great performance with Speed Control today. All three classes liked it. They are high energy and talented musicians.

Mike Dornian, Vice-Principal at Kelowna Secondary School

On Monday June 27th, 2011, Whitehorse band Speed Control drove into Fort Nelson to bring some Rock & Roll into our community! The energy was contagious and the skills acquired in just 2 days were unbelievable. Due to the huge success of the program, the NRRM will be bringing them back when they have finished their tour in September for a 5 day program!

Danielle Morine, Recreation Program Manager

Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

The participants and the parents were thrilled with the Rock “N” Roll Camp, especially the Showcase at the end. Parents and participants alike were already asking when the camp will be next year so they can plan.

Kim MacDougall, Program Supervisor

City of Terrace

“WOW you guys send out so much energy from the stage we should hook you up to the grid. Our newest renewable energy source.”

Marilyn Craig

Biggar & District Arts Council

“Speed Control were GREAT! The enjoyment for music, specifically Rock and Roll, echoed throughout our school. Coincidently I had School Council after the performance – each parent couldn’t express how much their children enjoyed it. In talking with staff – they loved it. They felt that it was the way in which the performers engaged the audience, students and staff alike that made the greatest impact in sharing their music. The spirit of the band and the connection to all of our students was incredible. I have already recommended them to other Principals in our area of the city. Just a fantastic, fun and humor filled afternoon!”

Michael D. Hebenton

Roland Michener Elementary

“Speed Control is a solid, professional trio that makes a positive impact wherever they play, not just for themselves but for my roster as a whole. Any school that books them comes back to my agency for other artists on my roster and will eventually come back for Speed Control a second time.”

Kevin Bruce, KBAM

“Working with Speed Control and their team is a joy. They are amazing, entertaining and driven musicians who are consummate professionals. They bring a sense of community to all that they do, even so much as to make me feel like part of the family myself.”

Petrice Brett, Jeff Turner Entertainment Group

“It’s like seeing the Police before they broke in ’77. A band with this much drive is unstoppable.”

David J. Taylor, Producer

“Thank you for bringing your energy fueled performance to AD Rundle Middle School on February 25, 2013. It was an awesome way to start a Monday morning. Our students enjoyed the music through the eras and sang along to all the songs that they recognized. It was also great for the staff to sing along to the oldies but goodies! The interactive nature of your performance and the humour that you interspersed captivated our students and staff. AD Rundle Middle School continued to buzz about Speed Control well after you had left the building.”

Paula Gosal, Administrative Assistant @ AD Rundle Middle School, Chilliwack BC

“It’s good to see that there are bands out there who still care about rock, punk, and all that in between.
Speed Control is the perfect level of punk, with the right bit of rock to get me really interested in what more we can expect from the guys.”

Jared Schlechte, Rage Regina, November 2013

“Musically, Speed Control skirt the nether regions of punk without delving too deep into the genre. The songs are bass heavy with plenty of grooves while the vocals are appropriately raspy. Also, expect lots of jumps and kicks, which should tell you what kind of energy you are in for.”

Chris Morin, OMNICITY, November 2013

These guys were fantastic! The students and staff absolutely loved them! They provided education (history of rock and roll), excellent musical abilities (instrumental and vocal) and were very funny. They managed to engage all of the students, from kindergarten to Gr. 7. The study guide was helpful as preparation for letting students know who was coming to perform.  Highly recommend this group!

Laurel Crosby, Principal @ Gilmore Elementary School, Richmond BC, January 2014




“Burns Lake’s Rawk Camp 2013 was sold out over a week before Speed Contol arrived in our community. Every one of the 24 Rawk Campers who registered attended each of the four camp sessions, and every one performed at the Friday afternoon outdoor concert. This in itself is evidence that the kids had a great time!

We’re pleased to report that as presenters we were completely satisfied with Speed Control band members Graeme, Jody and Ian both individually and collectively, and with the four-day Rawk Camp and follow-up performance by the Rawk Campers at Spirit Square in Burns Lake. In fact, ‘completely satisfied’ may be a bit of an understatement – after a few days reflection we believe that Rawk Camp 2013 in Burns Lake is the most successful event for young people we have presented in our community.

The members of Speed Control are excellent musicians and great teachers, who quickly developed a positive rapport with Rawk Campers. Individually and together the band members demonstrated a remarkable ability to set even beginning musicians at ease with their humour and relaxed manner – and yet to challenge them to learn new skills and to perform at a level even the kids themselves didn’t think they could achieve. Graeme orchestrated the on-stage performance by the Rawk Campers with remarkable humour, poise and skill, setting both the performers and audience at ease. His energy, humour and confidence made the performance enjoyable and entertaining for the young musicians, and for everyone who looked on as audience members. Comments from parents, many of which appeared on Facebook during the four-day camp or within minutes of the completion of the Friday performance, indicate that parents were overwhelmingly pleased with the experience their kids had at the camp – and ready for more!

We asked the Rawk Campers themselves to complete evaluation forms, and the results are data that further support how good the camp experience was. 19 of the 24 campers gave the camp experience the highest rating: “Total and Complete Awesomeness”. When asked if they would attend a Rawk Camp again, 19 of 24 campers replied: “Totally and awesomely YES!”

Here are a few comments from Burns Lake Rawk Campers 2013:

“I would like to tell the Speed Control guys that they are awesome and they have to come to Burns Lake next year.”

“One thing I really liked was how much I was taught.”

“One thing I really liked was all the support that they gave us.”

“I would like to tell the Speed Controlguys that they are EPIC and do this again!!!!!!!!!”

“A lot of things were crazy, but that just made it more fun.”

“I would like to tell the Speed Control guys that if you don’t come back next year, I don’t care where you are, I will find you and drag you here whether you like it or not.”

“The concert will be my best memory. We got to play in front of like 100 people”

“I really like the energy and the fun that we had every day and I came away learning something new.”

To sum up … as presenters we can recommend Speed Control’s Rawk Camp without reservation as a great learning experience and an enjoyable way for young people to be introduced to music – or further to develop musical skills they already have. Speed Control’s Rawk Camp is total and complete awesomeness – go for it, and Rawk On!”

John and Sandra Barth, Lakes District Arts Council (2013 RAWK Camp)