Speed Control’s RAWK Camp

Speed Control offers 3-5 day RAWK Camps that include public performance opportunities for all participants. The focus is skill building with sessions for beginners (RAWK on Stage) to coaching for existing bands (RAWK Smarter, RAWK Harder). There is also a session for adults (Release Your Inner RAWKer).  Read the brochure here. 

Speed Control’s School Show


What makes music rock? Speed Control’s Rockology lifts the curtain to reveal the mechanics of rock music so even grade threes can listen like budding musicians.

Along with original music by Speed Control, students will rock out to Canadian and other classics. They’ll learn to recognize chords in the standard blues progression, how fuzz pedals make everything sound good, what parts make up most rock songs and what makes a power chord so irresistible.

Students will be having too much fun to notice they’re effortlessly absorbing the fundamentals of popular music.“The spirit of the band and the connection to all of our students was incredible. I have already recommended them to other Principals in our area of the city.Roland Michener Elementary, Calgary, AB

High energy, humorous show that kept students entertained and engaged.Mount Boucherie Secondary, Kelowna, BC

Speed Control Rock Anthem Workshop

Every school deserves its own rock anthem! The day starts with a full performance of Speed Control’s From Rags to Rock for the whole school. For the rest of the day, the group will work with up to 60 students writing, rehearsing, and recording a rock anthem specifically for your school that will be performed and taught to everyone at the end of the day. Imagine your school having its very own theme song that can be sung at every assembly! K–12

School Bookings

Kevin Bruce
KBAM! Artist Management


“Yamaha Canada Music is pleased to continue our instrument support of Speed Control and their mission to bring real rock (RAWK!) to tens-of-thousands of school children each year. We want to get kids excited about playing music and for them to want to know what it feels like to play music together. Speed Control’s infectious energy and positive message will be something the kids will remember for their lifetime- a real key learning moment and experience for them” 

Steve Butterworth, Vice President of Yamaha Canada Music Ltd.


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