Category: Events

We’re back in the Yukon for the next few months, and exciting things are happening! Coming up quick is BOW 2019 in Whitehorse, and we’ve got 2 sets. Thursday Oct 3 at the Local Bar at 10:45PM and Friday Oct 4 at the T&M at 12:15AM. Should be a blast!

Even more exciting: New tunes! We’ve been writing, editing, rocking, writing more, eating moose meat, then writing more. Goal is to have around 30 songs to pick from going into the next album. Also, we’ve added our good friend Greg McLaughlin on lead guitar/producer for the foreseeable future. He’s a straight up badass, as well as a stellar musician, movie score creator, script writing, music producer, and cat lover.

Fall is exciting, and we’re pumped to be able to be home so we can create music to fill your earholes with! Throw us a message on social media or add our tunes on Spotify to your playlists. Love you all!