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We’ve talked, we’ve listened and we have concluded that the winner of our COVER SPEED CONTROL CONTEST IS!!!!!

1st place: Sean Ryan Balsillie – his cover of
‘All my songs” was super freaking rad
2nd Place: WaRRmAuth with the most metal version of TENT CITY EVER
3rd Place: Ian March, he sang PANAMA by Van Halen and that was by for the Greatest thing I’ve ever seen

Sean will be receiving 3 things
1. Speed Control Back Pack
2. Speed Control Slap Band (has all of our released and unreleased material
3. A 1-of-a-kind Speed Control T-shirt (drawn by jody)

@WaRRmAuth will get
1. Speed Control Autographed Poster
2. Graeme will make you bacon!!

rock on everyone!!