We are in full “tour-mode” here even though on our site we have no “TOUR DATES” posted.   We are playing at schools, writing RAWK ANTHEMS, and rehersing for our next big tour which will happen in February!!

Some awesome news we’ve signed on with an awesome booking agency, http://www.weareyounggiant.com  Here’s what they said about us: “Speed Control is an enormously talented rock trio whose sound harkens back to classic rock and roll and American alternative rock music – their ingenious writing and spirit of educating kids and communities through the power of music is testimonial enough to warrant our partnership, and we look forward to building on that foundation.” Madeline Sullivan, Young Giant

Working with these awesome people means that SPEED CONTROL is heading south of the boarder for the first time EVER!!!

iphone SPEED CONTROL case

iphone SPEED CONTROL case

1. New Album out in January
2. Feb. USA TOUR
3. May Graeme does another Speedo Apearance!

Hope you are all well