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Hey hey!

Jody here. We are currently in Princeton, BC, enjoying some great coffee at Cool Beanz before we go rawk the Princton Community Centre this afternoon.  Graeme is emailing, Ian is playing pool on his ipad and I’m having a ninja fight with a death cold, but coffee is helping!

So far we’ve played 24 shows this tour and lifted over 100,000 lbs! On that note, progress towards our first bodybuilding show is going well.  For those of you who don’t know yet, we are entering the Fort St John Northern Classic in May.  Graeme’s bodybuilding name at the moment is “Bulk Barn” (he’s mastered the art of bulking), Ian is Latzilla (His wrestling name is Ian “The Month” March), and myself, I’m “Max Pump”.    To prep, we’re all eating around 4000-5000 calories per day, leading up to mid-March, when we start cutting down to look like Arnold Schwarzennegger.  Don’t worry…..or worry……photos will be posted!

In a couple weeks we head east to play a sweet show in Calgary at Nite Owl and then go skiing in Panorama with family….if there is still snow.  C’mon East Coast!  Quit hogging all the snow!


Over and out,