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We are in the middle of no-where and it’s AWESOME.

Northern Sask. has by far the most small trees I’ve ever seen…. AND there’s even the ocasional COW that says hello on the drives.

We’ve been so thankful on this tour to see friends, and family in such crazy towns such as Calgary, Saskatoon, and then even in Rosthern.  We’ve recieved gifts such as Bacon, Farmer Sausage, and Bacon wrapped Farmer Sausage.  This tour win’s!!!

We only have a few days left on our campaign to raise the money to help us recover all our stolen gear (Yamaha helped us with the P.A. we just need to cover the rest of the stuff).  If you’ve donated then THANKYOU, if you’ve shared the link THANKYOU, if you’ve flexed your muscles then THANKYOU.

We love you All