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As many of you know, Speed Control fell victim to the usual suspects of “Gear thieves” two weeks ago in Surrey B.C.  We lost approx. $7,000.00 worth of gear (and Graeme lost his fav Bacon Wallet) to these thieves.  Although they were caught on Camera and there was a night watchmen that didn’t see them stealing our stuff, our gear is gone for good.  Long Story Short: Insurance did not cover our gear so we are asking for some help.

First before anything, We need to give a huge shout out to Yamaha Canada for kindly replacing all of the P.A. equipment FREE OF CHARGE!  This is AMAZING, Thankyou so much.  Even with this help we still need to cover the loss of our personal equipment, and to cover costs of BULLET PROOFING OUR TRAILER so this will never happen again.

We have just started a crowd fundraising campaign

We are so very very thankful for our friends and family and FANS.  If you feel like helping out there are some awesome perks that may entice you.

We love you all

graeme and DA BOYZimage