Category: Mix Tapes

We are in Iqaluit for World Suicide Prevention Day partnered with the Alianait Music Festival!

Started the day off with a workshop with the Inuksuk High School guitar class. Those kids know how to rawk! I can’t think of a better way to start our time here.

The scenery floored us when we arrived. Being from a forested mountainous Yukon, the stark beauty of the tundra combined with Frobisher Bay is incredible! We’re feeling very fortunate to be here and excited to put on a RAWK show for this city!

Speaking of rawk shows, we are playing at the Inuksuk High School tomomorrow (Wednesday) night at 7:30 PM! Come one come all! Also playing at the school during the day on Thursday.

Also, we ate Muskox for the first time! win!

– Jody