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Well folks,

It’s been a while since we posted anything on this website so I will try and give a rough version of the summer for you….

Week 1 of Summer – RAWK CAMP in our homeland of Whitehorse Yukon!! We had a super solid camp with 13 kids that came and killed it. The week Finished with a Sold Out Show at the best all ages venue in the North “Epic Pizza”. Once Rawk Camp was done we headed to the Atlin Music Festival and played to one of the most diverse crowds of our lives, Hung out with Gord Downie and The Sadies, and Jammed out with Bob Hamilton on his bus. BEST EVER!!

Week 2 of Summer – Folk on the Rocks flew us out to teach a Rawk Camp to ADULTS…. YES I SAID ADULTS!! Highlight of this camp was having a lead mandolin player rockin the solo’s on IRON MAN. We also played 3 shows as part of Folk on the Rocks. Twas a bit smokey but over all very fun.

Week 3 of summer – Terrace BC. We’ve played in Terrace 4 years in a row, and like they always do, they treated us like gold and gave us a sold-out RAWK CAMP. The Kids of the Camp were the opening band of ‘Riverboat Days’ talk about awesome. Speed Control then was one of the headliners festival on Saturday. HIGHLIGHT WAS PLAYING WITH ZZ-TOP (the cover band)

Week 4 of Summer – Rehearsal/relax – We spent the week in Kimberly BC rehearsing our newest school show “Canada vs. the WORLD” a history of Canadian Rock and Roll. It’s pretty Sweet if I don’t say so Myself.

Week 5 – Stratford Summer Music – two words SOLD OUT. There is nothing more amazing then the have a Camp or a Venue filled with people and excitement. Super rad!! Thank-you Stratford for a 3rd year of AWESOMENESS

Week 6 = RELAXATION, meaning Jody and Bethany celebrated 8 years of Marriage way to go guys.

Week 7 – Burns Lake and Grassy Plains – 2 RAWK CAMPS in 6 days. This is gonna be rad folks I cant wait. The Burns Lake Camp is almost Sold out and the Grassy Plains one is pretty close too!! Cant wait for the fun to begin!!

Week 8 – Malcom (our Ford Flex) is being given back to our amazing friends at Whitehorse Motors. For 16 months, Whitehorse Motors has graced us with the most reliable, all-weather, and safe (and Bad-ass) tour vehicle ever. We Love you Guys. Thanks for supporting our band so much!!!!!!!

Our Bags all came off the plane at the same time and in FIRST PLACE

Our Bags all came off the plane at the same time and in FIRST PLACE