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Here we are back home again!!

The last 3 weeks were filled with many ups and downs, tons and tons of shows.

The Ups.  Learning a new cover song every-day and trying to figure out how to get Ian into a new costume that accentuates all of the amazing-ness that Ian is.  Another big UP was getting to hang out with Jan and Nive from Greenland and Diyet, her husband Robert and Our dear friend Bob Hamilton.  These people are some of the most genuine people on the planet.

The downs:  Some of our evening shows were pretty big downers.  We didn’t have a lot of people show up at some venues, and some of the venues were kindof sketchy.

We are finding it hard sometimes to get people to come support us at our evening shows.  We are all the way from the Yukon so its hard to sometimes even get shows, let alone bring people.  We played 33 shows in the last 3 weeks.  We played every type of school from kindergarten – grade 7, we played High-Schools, We played a few shows where the entire school was made up of kids with learning disabilities (honestly the best show of my life).  All these shows combined we played in front of over 10,000 kids.  This is awesome so awesome.

Then going from hundreds of cheering, happy kids that are all pumped on Speed Control and REAL LIVE MUSIC to arriving at a club where you meet bands that are mean, self centered, and uber competitive so they treat you like dirt to then meeting sound guys who are sexist and racist and super unprofessional really kicks you in your face.

As a father and a teacher one of the things I try and do is to re-enforce into kids minds that supporting each-other, showing respect for the people you meet and really giving everything 100% is the number 1 thing to do.  On this tour we saw The school audiences acting more grown up then the adults we played for at night.

We are so very thankful for what we have done so far in our journey, and we are surrounded by some of the greatest people ever.  So thankyou to our fans and our friends.  We love you guys.  Here’s hoping that the next few grown-up  shows are as awesome as our Education shows.The Flexatron at home