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On behalf of Speed Control (Ian March, Jody Peters, and Graeme Jacob Peters) We want to give a big THANKYOU to all the folks at Whitehorse Motors!! With their help, our band made it safely, on-time, and comfortably to over 50 cities/communities, in the last 6 months alone.

One of the best moments was actually when we were crossing the border near Detroit (as it is 900 km shorter to drive back to the Yukon through the states), the border guard asked us what we did, and we said that we are musicians and that we were headed home after a long tour. He asked where we were from, we said The Yukon. He then asked where that was, we said near Alaska, he then asked if we were Russian, we said no……

The guard then took a step back and checked out our car and promptly blurted out ” YOU’RE SPONSORED BY FORD AND YAMAHA?!!! HOW DO I NOT KNOW OF YOU GUYS?” I then told him about what we are all about in our band. Told him how we do both our “RAWK SHOW” as well as teach kids about rock and roll. We explained that because of all the work we do encouraging kids of all ages to take up music, or continue in music, we have been very blessed with such things as a Yamaha Canada endorsement, Whitehorse Motors helped us out with our new “SPEED CONTROL MOBILE”, and even Russ Tait gave us a deal on a trailer to pull all the gear. We also told him about how the community of Whitehorse has the most artists per-capita in North America and without the support of local businesses and such, people like us would never get out of the Territory let alone make it to the other side of the country.

The Yukon is one of the most amazing places to live, visit, and talk about. We gave the Border guard our CD, (he promptly made us sign it for him) and then he shook our hands and wished us well. All I can Say is

speed control mobile

THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU and stay tuned in the new year, we will post many many pics of our travels across North America!