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Winter is trying her best to stop the Speed Control Mobile!!!!!!!


We’ve had some amazing shows in the last week as we’ve traveled over 4000 km.  When you travel that far in only 5 days most of the people that you see are the gas station workers.  Last night’s “attendant” was one of the more curious ones.  He was a middle aged man, bout 5 feet 2 inches tall,  Ian, our drummer, walkes up to the counter to purchase some ‘gummy bears’ and this was their conversation!

Attendant : “hey what’s a “SPEED CONTROL”
Ian replies : “It’s our band, we are from the Yukon”
Attendant : “Man I’ve always dreamed of seeing a Narwhal, you got those there?”
Ian replies : “….ok…. I think thats like really far north in the arctic ocean but yeah, I think we have them up there”
Attendant : “Holy man, you are so lucky, you live near Narwhal’s”
Ian walks out trying not to laugh out loud!

TOUR IS AWESOME, next stop is Geraldton Ontario, anyone been there before?