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BACON DAY 65 for Graeme!  only 35 left!!

Hopefully you have seen our new “live-off-the-floor-music-video”  We’d love any feed-back you may have.  We are pretty proud of it fer sure.
Wanna give a big thanks to Gary and Brianne Bremner once again !!!  SUPER AWESOME GUYS!

Snow has finally arrived “for good” in the Yukon which means in about 2 weeks it’s SLEDDING TIME!!!  Cannot Wait.

It also means to PLEASE DRIVE CAREFULLY!  We almost lost a few of our friends on saturday when their van rolled while drive to Dawson City for a show.  Ryan McNally, Patrick Hamilton, and Jonah Barr, glad you are alive boys.  The Yukon has so much talent and some of the craziest driving conditions known to man!

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