1. Well Its day 59 of my “Graeme eats Bacon for 100 days” and so I’m doing quite well.

2. The last tour was pretty much on of the craziest driving tours of our lives.  We drove over 10,000 km in just over 3 weeks, making stops from Vancouver BC to Calgary AB to Kimberly BC and then HOME to Whitehorse.  All I can say is it took my body 4 days to stop vibrating from the amount of coffee I drank just to stay awake!!

– One of the most common questions asked of us is “How did you come up with the name ‘Speed Control’?”

answer:  Walking down the street in Toronto with my buddy Ben Whiteley and Asher Moustasher (as he likes to be called) we were on our way to the Drake for ‘Elvis Monday’.  This is an open mic type thing where bands get to come play at a rad venue and eat free food!  As we were walking a sign fell in front of us that said ‘SPEED CONTROL’.  Ben was like “Dude it’s a SIGN”….. so… We called ourselves “Speed Control”.   As we were playing our final song I looked over to the side of the stage and saw BECK, yes the superstar “I’m a loser baby.. so why dont you kill me”  YES THAT BECK.  He asked if he could use my gear as he was doing a secret show, and then proceeded to take over the stage with his entire band (dressed in drag, ha ha ha) and put on a crazy awesome show for the 200 people that were there. AWESOME!!!!

THAT WAS IT!!! Mind BLOWN!! “SPEED CONTROL” was born!!!

Yukon Summer ROCK SHOWS

Yukon Summer ROCK SHOWS