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Mind Blown!!  Heart Racing!! TOTALLY OVER WHELMED

This weekend I got to meet and hang with some of the most influential people in the music industry.  This biggest thing that came into my head between all the action, laughter and business etc, is that all of the people I met are genuine, caring people that are rooting for the underdogs.  Giving us the tools to make it further, and totally willing to stick their necks out to help out.

Music is our favorite thing in the entire world (other then our families, and loved ones) so this weekend has really made me even more pumped about what we (Speed Control) do for a living.  From our school shows in front of kindergarten to grade 12 kids, to RAWK CAMPS, to playing shows with our friends, I’ve never been more excited.

We are on tour right now, and we’d love to say hi, more importantly We want to find more awesome Bacon!!!

My Daughter's artwork!!

My Daughter’s artwork!!

See you Soon