Category: Mix Tapes

We’d like to once again thank our sponsors for the last year.

1. Yamaha Canada:  They’ve provided us with our instruments, our sound equipment, and all of the gear used in our RAWK CAMPS.

2. Whitehorse Motors: These guys and gals helped us fill our need for a new car. We needed a vehicle that could handle towing a trailer with all of our gear.  Our new Ford FLEX, (we’ve named it Malcolm the VIKING), has been amazing!

3. EPIC PIZZA: This is our newest Sponsor,  Josh Paton has donated to us, his restaurant during the days so Speed Control can rehearse new material, as well as zero in on some new Jams.  PLUS…. great food!!

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou

Graeme, Jody, and Ian