Category: Mix Tapes

1.  Well It’s been a wild ride for the last 5 weeks.  We came so close to making the top 16 in Canada as part of our very first competition we’d ever entered so we feel totally blessed.

2.  We’ve seen our fan outreach grow like crazy (up over 800 likes on facebook, up over 300 on instagram and up over 100 new followers on twitter)  and thats awesome!!

3.  We need to give a big shout out to Yamaha Canada for sponsoring our band and helping us out with instruments, sound equipment, and overall support for the work we do.

4.  ARTSTARTS is amazing as well as our management team and of course our booking agency  for all the help they give us.

5.  We are gearing up for another tour coming up very soon with some surprise guests coming along for the ride!!!

We love you all