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Good news everyone!

Graeme hopped on a bus on Tuesday and went to Edmonton in hopes of finding a new tour van.  It worked!   Our new tour mobile is named Borris (the cousin of Neuman).  2000 Honda Odyssey in ridiculously good shape. Oh, did I mention it’s gold?!    It’s a bit like playing Tetris, trying to fit everything in but it’s a sexy van!

A massive shout-out to: Vita Carlino, Brooke McLean, Heather Loewen, Jean-Paul Berrel, Wendy Avison, Emma Dubé, Roger Cole, Dave White, Madison Dixon, Karen LaPrarie, Trent Davenport, Marcelle Dubé, Vivian Kingsburg, and all of our anonymous donors on . Your perks/swag will be coming as soon as we are out of Fort McMurray!

Last night we witnessed Chris Jericho (WWE Wrestling star) on the mainstage with his band FOZZY. It was an experience…

Tonight we rock the interPLAY mainstage with our rock camp kids at 7 PM , followed by Speed Control at 8 PM!

Crazy excited and hoping it doesn’t rain,