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As many of you know, Neuman, our tour van, is a huge part of the Speed Control family, and unfortunately on Sunday, July 24, he met his fiery death.

We are still mourning his passing but we are trying to move on and need some support in doing so.  Rather than flowers or even bacon, we are asking for contribution to fund Neuman the Second.    We have a fundraising campaign on  We would be eternally grateful for any and all help.  Also, you get free stuff when you help our cause!

We are in Fort Mcurray teaching a 2-week Rock Camp as part of the interPLAY music festival.  On August 8th, we have to leave.  We have until then to find a new Neuman.

Thanks for everything, Keep us in your thoughts!

Graeme, Jody, Spencer

PS:  You can check out video of Neuman’s Death on our Facebook page: