Category: Mix Tapes

FIRST – Rock camps in Haines Junction and Faro YT were nothing short of Some of the best times I’ve ever had. The kids were so “Rock and Roll” that it made us rock harder in our shows. Basically I’m super pumped for the summer tour to rock out with kids all across Canada.

SECOND – D-ROK (aka Derek Wyatt) is fitting in very well as the new Bassist for the group bringing over 15 years of rock experience and really adding to the vibe of the band.

THIRD – this coming Monday, June 13th, will be the last show for a while with Jody Peters. We are super sad to see him go but he’s gotta “Live the Dream” in his own way. ROCK ON DUDE!!!

FOURTH – New Merch – we have an entire new line of t-shirts and hoodies for the summer tour. if you want to reserve something just send me an e-mail at