Speed Control = Bodybuilers = Educators

In the last month we’ve done a lot of sweet things.  Jody and I have worked out way back into the teaching scene here in the Yukon, We’ve all been on strict diets and super intense workout plans, and we’ve been writing songs like crazy!!

This past weekend we all drove down the highway (16 hours each way) to compete in our first BodyBuilding show at the “Northern Classic” in Ft.St.John BC.


In the coming month we have a bunch of Yukon performances, a Yukon RAWK Camp and we will be releasing our first single off the new album!!

Hope you guys are well.  Stay tuned for more fun




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Speed Control is about to compete in the Northern B.C. Bodybuilding Championships for amateur BodyBuilders.

WE ARE PUMPED….. one could say PUMPED UP!!!

many pictures to follow fer sure.  Until then, Here’s a picture of Graeme’s Hero…. JAY CUTLER

"Mom I think I have to ..."

“Mom I think I have to …”

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What’s going on in Speed Control’s world these days?

Well that’s a great question…. WHAT’S GOING ON IS AWESOME TIMES Graeme wrote a new song, Jody wrote a new song, Ian did LEGS at the gym and we are about to Play our biggest show ever in Calgary @ the NiteOwl with 3 Awesome Bands https://www.facebook.com/events/1551415981795314/

We are also about to go teach our first Rawk Camp on Vancouver Island in over 3 years as part of www.festivalnanaimo.com

Lots Happenin


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Rawk Camp Nanaimo

In two and a half weeks, we will be returning to Nanaimo to teach a RAWK Camp, as part of Festival Nanaimo. No exerience necessary! Check out more details at: Http://festivalnanaimo.com/nanaimo-rawks.html#rawkcamp

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Cool Beanz and Lifting Things

Hey hey!

Jody here. We are currently in Princeton, BC, enjoying some great coffee at Cool Beanz before we go rawk the Princton Community Centre this afternoon.  Graeme is emailing, Ian is playing pool on his ipad and I’m having a ninja fight with a death cold, but coffee is helping!

So far we’ve played 24 shows this tour and lifted over 100,000 lbs! On that note, progress towards our first bodybuilding show is going well.  For those of you who don’t know yet, we are entering the Fort St John Northern Classic in May.  Graeme’s bodybuilding name at the moment is “Bulk Barn” (he’s mastered the art of bulking), Ian is Latzilla (His wrestling name is Ian “The Month” March), and myself, I’m “Max Pump”.    To prep, we’re all eating around 4000-5000 calories per day, leading up to mid-March, when we start cutting down to look like Arnold Schwarzennegger.  Don’t worry…..or worry……photos will be posted!

In a couple weeks we head east to play a sweet show in Calgary at Nite Owl and then go skiing in Panorama with family….if there is still snow.  C’mon East Coast!  Quit hogging all the snow!


Over and out,


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Too Long

We’ve been off-line TOO LONG

Wont happen again.

We have some exciting things happening in the near future.  This coming Sunday we will recording our first Live-off-da-floor Music video of 2 or three new songs.  Our Friend Brett Elliot is doin that for us and he’s rad.

We are coming to BC and ALberta for a LONG stretch here so hopefully we can meet up with some of you friends that are out there.  LOVE YOU


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47 shows in 35 days


After a grueling trip where we only ever had Sundays off, we have accomplished a few things.  First, we have successfully written and polished a new school show “Canada vs. the WORLD” a showcase of the history of Canadian RAWK!!  Second, we put 13,000 km on our FLEX and didn’t even get a Speeding Ticket!!!


Third – We have raised enough money to replace all the gear we had stolen from us so we are VERY VERY THANKFUL

We are playing some Yukon Shows while we are home.
Dec 5th @ Lizards
Dec 12th @ Paddy’s Place
Dec 19th and 20th@ The Gold Pan Saloon

more to come
Thanks for being amazing
Graeme and The Boyz

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You want us to go WHERE…?????

We are in the middle of no-where and it’s AWESOME.

Northern Sask. has by far the most small trees I’ve ever seen…. AND there’s even the ocasional COW that says hello on the drives.

We’ve been so thankful on this tour to see friends, and family in such crazy towns such as Calgary, Saskatoon, and then even in Rosthern.  We’ve recieved gifts such as Bacon, Farmer Sausage, and Bacon wrapped Farmer Sausage.  This tour win’s!!!

We only have a few days left on our campaign to raise the money to help us recover all our stolen gear (Yamaha helped us with the P.A. we just need to cover the rest of the stuff).  If you’ve donated then THANKYOU, if you’ve shared the link THANKYOU, if you’ve flexed your muscles then THANKYOU.


We love you All


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Cops, Robbers, and SPEED CONTROL

As many of you know, Speed Control fell victim to the usual suspects of “Gear thieves” two weeks ago in Surrey B.C.  We lost approx. $7,000.00 worth of gear (and Graeme lost his fav Bacon Wallet) to these thieves.  Although they were caught on Camera and there was a night watchmen that didn’t see them stealing our stuff, our gear is gone for good.  Long Story Short: Insurance did not cover our gear so we are asking for some help.

First before anything, We need to give a huge shout out to Yamaha Canada for kindly replacing all of the P.A. equipment FREE OF CHARGE!  This is AMAZING, Thankyou so much.  Even with this help we still need to cover the loss of our personal equipment, and to cover costs of BULLET PROOFING OUR TRAILER so this will never happen again.

We have just started a crowd fundraising campaign https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/robbed-help-us-get-back-on-the-road-to-rawk/x/183284

We are so very very thankful for our friends and family and FANS.  If you feel like helping out there are some awesome perks that may entice you.

We love you all

graeme and DA BOYZimage

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We are in Iqaluit for World Suicide Prevention Day partnered with the Alianait Music Festival!

Started the day off with a workshop with the Inuksuk High School guitar class. Those kids know how to rawk! I can’t think of a better way to start our time here.

The scenery floored us when we arrived. Being from a forested mountainous Yukon, the stark beauty of the tundra combined with Frobisher Bay is incredible! We’re feeling very fortunate to be here and excited to put on a RAWK show for this city!

Speaking of rawk shows, we are playing at the Inuksuk High School tomomorrow (Wednesday) night at 7:30 PM! Come one come all! Also playing at the school during the day on Thursday.

Also, we ate Muskox for the first time! win!

- Jody


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