CBC Searchlight 2014!

It’s here and we’re ready to rawk! Last year we entered CBC’s Searchlight competition and made it to the top 24 in Canada with “Tent City”. We made it there because our fans and friends are the best! This year we’ve entered Searchlight with a song called Riverside, which is about the best corner grocery store you could ever find. Over 20,000 different items await you when you step into the apartment-sized store. Check it out at here.

We’ll be touring across the country while the Searchlight Competition is going on and we hope to see you along the way. Tour dates will be up shortly. In the meantime, head over to http://music.cbc.ca/#/artists/Speed-Control and listen to “Riverside” and click vote if you like it!

Thanks for being amazing!



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Home for a bit

Here we are back home again!!

The last 3 weeks were filled with many ups and downs, tons and tons of shows.

The Ups.  Learning a new cover song every-day and trying to figure out how to get Ian into a new costume that accentuates all of the amazing-ness that Ian is.  Another big UP was getting to hang out with Jan and Nive from Greenland and Diyet, her husband Robert and Our dear friend Bob Hamilton.  These people are some of the most genuine people on the planet.

The downs:  Some of our evening shows were pretty big downers.  We didn’t have a lot of people show up at some venues, and some of the venues were kindof sketchy.

We are finding it hard sometimes to get people to come support us at our evening shows.  We are all the way from the Yukon so its hard to sometimes even get shows, let alone bring people.  We played 33 shows in the last 3 weeks.  We played every type of school from kindergarten – grade 7, we played High-Schools, We played a few shows where the entire school was made up of kids with learning disabilities (honestly the best show of my life).  All these shows combined we played in front of over 10,000 kids.  This is awesome so awesome.

Then going from hundreds of cheering, happy kids that are all pumped on Speed Control and REAL LIVE MUSIC to arriving at a club where you meet bands that are mean, self centered, and uber competitive so they treat you like dirt to then meeting sound guys who are sexist and racist and super unprofessional really kicks you in your face.

As a father and a teacher one of the things I try and do is to re-enforce into kids minds that supporting each-other, showing respect for the people you meet and really giving everything 100% is the number 1 thing to do.  On this tour we saw The school audiences acting more grown up then the adults we played for at night.

We are so very thankful for what we have done so far in our journey, and we are surrounded by some of the greatest people ever.  So thankyou to our fans and our friends.  We love you guys.  Here’s hoping that the next few grown-up  shows are as awesome as our Education shows.The Flexatron at home

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Covers, Shows, and FITNESS

As many of you know already, we are doing the “100 days of covers”.  This is super fun for us and also super time consuming but IT’S WORTH IT!!!

Graeme’s Favourite : Backstreet Boys “i want it that way”

Ian’s : NSYNC “Bye Bye Bye”

Jody’s : WhiteSnake “Here I go Again”

be sure to keep those suggestions coming as we have 85 more to do!!
Vote for your favs and such on our YouTube Channel SPEEDCONTROLYUKON


da Boyz

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Happy New Year Fun TIME!!!!!

Speed Control is starting the new year with a BANG, more importantly we have new songs, and new ambitions.

Graeme: is not allowed to eat as much bacon this year because last year he ate 3 times more bacon then Ian and Jody Combined.

Ian’s goal is… well I dont know his goal yet but ask him on Facebook and he will reply

Jody’s Goal is to get HUGE (as far as muscle) and be amazing (because he is not 100% amazing yet, He’s only 98% amazing)


Graeme and da boys …. (this is graeme’s pet chicken Gertrude)



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On behalf of Speed Control (Ian March, Jody Peters, and Graeme Jacob Peters) We want to give a big THANKYOU to all the folks at Whitehorse Motors!! With their help, our band made it safely, on-time, and comfortably to over 50 cities/communities, in the last 6 months alone.

One of the best moments was actually when we were crossing the border near Detroit (as it is 900 km shorter to drive back to the Yukon through the states), the border guard asked us what we did, and we said that we are musicians and that we were headed home after a long tour. He asked where we were from, we said The Yukon. He then asked where that was, we said near Alaska, he then asked if we were Russian, we said no……

The guard then took a step back and checked out our car and promptly blurted out ” YOU’RE SPONSORED BY FORD AND YAMAHA?!!! HOW DO I NOT KNOW OF YOU GUYS?” I then told him about what we are all about in our band. Told him how we do both our “RAWK SHOW” as well as teach kids about rock and roll. We explained that because of all the work we do encouraging kids of all ages to take up music, or continue in music, we have been very blessed with such things as a Yamaha Canada endorsement, Whitehorse Motors helped us out with our new “SPEED CONTROL MOBILE”, and even Russ Tait gave us a deal on a trailer to pull all the gear. We also told him about how the community of Whitehorse has the most artists per-capita in North America and without the support of local businesses and such, people like us would never get out of the Territory let alone make it to the other side of the country.

The Yukon is one of the most amazing places to live, visit, and talk about. We gave the Border guard our CD, (he promptly made us sign it for him) and then he shook our hands and wished us well. All I can Say is

speed control mobile

THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU and stay tuned in the new year, we will post many many pics of our travels across North America!

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Toronto, Niagra, FUN


Holy Cow we went to Niagra Falls today!! Talk about super sweet.  This is
one heck of a country and that was a very awesome "cherry on the Icing"
kind of moment!!!

State of sanity update:
Graeme is starting to sing about bacon in his sleep
Jody is only listening to classical music on the Satellite radio
Ian is only playing his computer games in the back of the car.


We haven't ever felt this much love on the road ever so thanks to everyone
who's come to our shows, spread the word, and really really rocked out!!! 

look at the falls

look at the falls

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ONTARIO the 2nd time!!!

SNOW, SNOW, SNOW!!!!!  What the heck!!! in the last 10 days we have yet to see sunshine until this morning.  BOOOOOO!!

Other then that Ontario has been so so amazing.  We’ve played 5 bar shows and 4 evening concert series shows and 3 school shows so far on the trip.  Some of the Highlights were stopping to see the Terry Fox memorial, Eating Bacon, Seeing Andrea in Winnipeg, Eating Bacon, and Meeting the most awesome people along the way.

Yesterday was the first time we met someone who thought we were American.  Kind of funny!!!!

Stay warm everyone and keep thinkin of us while we drive these crazy roads!!




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Winter is trying her best to stop the Speed Control Mobile!!!!!!!


We’ve had some amazing shows in the last week as we’ve traveled over 4000 km.  When you travel that far in only 5 days most of the people that you see are the gas station workers.  Last night’s “attendant” was one of the more curious ones.  He was a middle aged man, bout 5 feet 2 inches tall,  Ian, our drummer, walkes up to the counter to purchase some ‘gummy bears’ and this was their conversation!

Attendant : “hey what’s a “SPEED CONTROL”
Ian replies : “It’s our band, we are from the Yukon”
Attendant : “Man I’ve always dreamed of seeing a Narwhal, you got those there?”
Ian replies : “….ok…. I think thats like really far north in the arctic ocean but yeah, I think we have them up there”
Attendant : “Holy man, you are so lucky, you live near Narwhal’s”
Ian walks out trying not to laugh out loud!

TOUR IS AWESOME, next stop is Geraldton Ontario, anyone been there before?

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Eastbound and….east

Fact 1- 3 shows in 3 days = 3000 km

Fact 2 – the prairies give us more press than anyone else so far. That means: flatland forever!

Fact 3 – Jen Fritz of Fritz Media is amazing!

Fact 4 – Speed Control friends and fans are the hottest people on the planet!

Hope to see you all soon!  Regina tonight!

G, J, I

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BACON DAY 65 for Graeme!  only 35 left!!

Hopefully you have seen our new “live-off-the-floor-music-video”  We’d love any feed-back you may have.  We are pretty proud of it fer sure.
Wanna give a big thanks to Gary and Brianne Bremner once again !!!  SUPER AWESOME GUYS!

Snow has finally arrived “for good” in the Yukon which means in about 2 weeks it’s SLEDDING TIME!!!  Cannot Wait.

It also means to PLEASE DRIVE CAREFULLY!  We almost lost a few of our friends on saturday when their van rolled while drive to Dawson City for a show.  Ryan McNally, Patrick Hamilton, and Jonah Barr, glad you are alive boys.  The Yukon has so much talent and some of the craziest driving conditions known to man!

check out Yukon Music at www.musicyukon.com



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