We are in Iqaluit for World Suicide Prevention Day partnered with the Alianait Music Festival!

Started the day off with a workshop with the Inuksuk High School guitar class. Those kids know how to rawk! I can’t think of a better way to start our time here.

The scenery floored us when we arrived. Being from a forested mountainous Yukon, the stark beauty of the tundra combined with Frobisher Bay is incredible! We’re feeling very fortunate to be here and excited to put on a RAWK show for this city!

Speaking of rawk shows, we are playing at the Inuksuk High School tomomorrow (Wednesday) night at 7:30 PM! Come one come all! Also playing at the school during the day on Thursday.

Also, we ate Muskox for the first time! win!

- Jody


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The Last Journey

Well folks,

It’s been a while since we posted anything on this website so I will try and give a rough version of the summer for you….

Week 1 of Summer – RAWK CAMP in our homeland of Whitehorse Yukon!! We had a super solid camp with 13 kids that came and killed it. The week Finished with a Sold Out Show at the best all ages venue in the North “Epic Pizza”. Once Rawk Camp was done we headed to the Atlin Music Festival and played to one of the most diverse crowds of our lives, Hung out with Gord Downie and The Sadies, and Jammed out with Bob Hamilton on his bus. BEST EVER!!

Week 2 of Summer – Folk on the Rocks flew us out to teach a Rawk Camp to ADULTS…. YES I SAID ADULTS!! Highlight of this camp was having a lead mandolin player rockin the solo’s on IRON MAN. We also played 3 shows as part of Folk on the Rocks. Twas a bit smokey but over all very fun.

Week 3 of summer – Terrace BC. We’ve played in Terrace 4 years in a row, and like they always do, they treated us like gold and gave us a sold-out RAWK CAMP. The Kids of the Camp were the opening band of ‘Riverboat Days’ talk about awesome. Speed Control then was one of the headliners festival on Saturday. HIGHLIGHT WAS PLAYING WITH ZZ-TOP (the cover band)

Week 4 of Summer – Rehearsal/relax – We spent the week in Kimberly BC rehearsing our newest school show “Canada vs. the WORLD” a history of Canadian Rock and Roll. It’s pretty Sweet if I don’t say so Myself.

Week 5 – Stratford Summer Music – two words SOLD OUT. There is nothing more amazing then the have a Camp or a Venue filled with people and excitement. Super rad!! Thank-you Stratford for a 3rd year of AWESOMENESS

Week 6 = RELAXATION, meaning Jody and Bethany celebrated 8 years of Marriage way to go guys.

Week 7 – Burns Lake and Grassy Plains – 2 RAWK CAMPS in 6 days. This is gonna be rad folks I cant wait. The Burns Lake Camp is almost Sold out and the Grassy Plains one is pretty close too!! Cant wait for the fun to begin!!

Week 8 – Malcom (our Ford Flex) is being given back to our amazing friends at Whitehorse Motors. For 16 months, Whitehorse Motors has graced us with the most reliable, all-weather, and safe (and Bad-ass) tour vehicle ever. We Love you Guys. Thanks for supporting our band so much!!!!!!!

Our Bags all came off the plane at the same time and in FIRST PLACE

Our Bags all came off the plane at the same time and in FIRST PLACE

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Atlin Fest, Folk On The Rocks

Well folks, it’s been a while since our last post so here is a quick re-cap of what we’ve been up to….

1.  We recorded a new single that will be ready for your ears within the next 2 weeks!!!

2.  We taught our first RAWK CAMP in our home town and it was one of the best ever!!

3.  We were one of the headliners at the Atlin Arts Music Festival, THAT WAS RAD

4. We are in Yellowknife right now, teaching a RAWK CAMP and tomorrow we kick off the Folk On The Rocks festival.  If you are in Yellowknife our slot times are as follows.

Thursday, July 17th @ 8:30 pm Civic Plaza
Saturday, July 19th @ 3:15 pm Family Stage
Saturday, July 19th @ 5:35 pm Beer Garden
Sunday, July 20th @ 6:50 pm Main Stage



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Just finished up at the studio for the day.  To date we’ve now recorded 5 School RAWK ANTHEMS which is pretty fun I must say.  My school never had a RAWK ANTHEM!!!  We also finished recording our newest song which we will release as the first single off our new album.  PLUS the new album is to be released on Vinyl in the fall.

Summer is looking great.  Whitehorse Motors has again sponsord our Summer Tour by continuing to lend us the FLEX!!!!!  Go Whitehorse Motors!!!  We are playing a few festivals as well as our Rawk Camps are filling up Fast as well.

Swag- we have iPhone cases as well as Tank-tops avail so if you want some summer SPEED CONTROL SWAG hit us up!!


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Rawk Anthems and Rawk Shows

Only a week before we rocket off to Canadian Music Week in Toronto! Before we head there, we’re writing a rawk anthem for a school in Crooked Creek, AB and playing a school show in Ft. St. John, BC. Time to teach schools how to RAWK!

We’ve got one showcase at CMW and 2 showcases at Yamaha Music Canada for the president of Yamaha Canada……WOOHOO! Note to self, don’t smash my bass.

CMW Showcase: May 8th, Cherry Cola’s Rock ‘N Rolla Cabaret at 9 PM. If you know anyone in Toronto/ Southern Ontario, send them out to our show!

We’re also playing a show in Windsor on Friday May 9 at PHOG with the local band 24 Sussex who we met through CBC’s Searchlight. It’s gonna be a killer week in Ontario so come rock with us!

- Jody

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Canadian Music Week

Hey everyone, We are representing the Yukon at Canadian Music Week.  If you know anyone who’s in Ontario, send them to our showcase!!  We want to show the world how RAWK the Yukon is!!!!

Also let it be said that we have the BEST FRIEND/FANS EVER!!!!

you guys rule, here’s a sweet video


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CBC Searchlight 2014!

It’s here and we’re ready to rawk! Last year we entered CBC’s Searchlight competition and made it to the top 24 in Canada with “Tent City”. We made it there because our fans and friends are the best! This year we’ve entered Searchlight with a song called Riverside, which is about the best corner grocery store you could ever find. Over 20,000 different items await you when you step into the apartment-sized store. Check it out at here.

We’ll be touring across the country while the Searchlight Competition is going on and we hope to see you along the way. Tour dates will be up shortly. In the meantime, head over to and listen to “Riverside” and click vote if you like it!

Thanks for being amazing!



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Home for a bit

Here we are back home again!!

The last 3 weeks were filled with many ups and downs, tons and tons of shows.

The Ups.  Learning a new cover song every-day and trying to figure out how to get Ian into a new costume that accentuates all of the amazing-ness that Ian is.  Another big UP was getting to hang out with Jan and Nive from Greenland and Diyet, her husband Robert and Our dear friend Bob Hamilton.  These people are some of the most genuine people on the planet.

The downs:  Some of our evening shows were pretty big downers.  We didn’t have a lot of people show up at some venues, and some of the venues were kindof sketchy.

We are finding it hard sometimes to get people to come support us at our evening shows.  We are all the way from the Yukon so its hard to sometimes even get shows, let alone bring people.  We played 33 shows in the last 3 weeks.  We played every type of school from kindergarten – grade 7, we played High-Schools, We played a few shows where the entire school was made up of kids with learning disabilities (honestly the best show of my life).  All these shows combined we played in front of over 10,000 kids.  This is awesome so awesome.

Then going from hundreds of cheering, happy kids that are all pumped on Speed Control and REAL LIVE MUSIC to arriving at a club where you meet bands that are mean, self centered, and uber competitive so they treat you like dirt to then meeting sound guys who are sexist and racist and super unprofessional really kicks you in your face.

As a father and a teacher one of the things I try and do is to re-enforce into kids minds that supporting each-other, showing respect for the people you meet and really giving everything 100% is the number 1 thing to do.  On this tour we saw The school audiences acting more grown up then the adults we played for at night.

We are so very thankful for what we have done so far in our journey, and we are surrounded by some of the greatest people ever.  So thankyou to our fans and our friends.  We love you guys.  Here’s hoping that the next few grown-up  shows are as awesome as our Education shows.The Flexatron at home

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